JBM Training and Lessons

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Any horse entering the premises MUST have a current Neg coggins that must be presented and a copy available to be kept on file before any horse is allowed to unload. we request that horses boarded with us also have certain vaccines such as strangles, tetanus and west nile. We also request that horses that will be staying with us for board or training have a recent worming (between 24 hours and 7 days) prior to arrival. all horses will be put on a vet recommended worming schedule, owners can provide their own wormer OR can opt to have it added to their bill.

 Discounts are available in exchange for labor, use of a safe horse for lessons and multiple horses. We also are offering a referral discount, refer a friend for board, lessons or training and receive a discount on your board, a free training session, or free lesson on your horse.

Boarding Options

Basic Full Board for Mares and Geldings
This Basic board package is stall board. hay will be given while the horse is stalled as horse quality round bales will be put in the pasture when grass is short. Owners are to provide their own grain and hay for their horse while stalled. another option is to have the cost of hay and grain added to their board and we take care of picking it up and bringing it to the barn. we use Hertzlers feed or tractor supply to pick up our feeds. horses will be stalled under fans during the hot summer days and out when it is cooler at night. winter we will reverse the schedule to allow horses to be tucked into their stalls during storms and cold winter nights. we also will apply fly protection and winter blankets the owner wishes to provide. Board due on the first of the month.
COST:$375 plus any hay or grain the owner has requested

Full Board For Mares and Geldings
This package is for the owner that wants to know exactly what they will be charged in advanced every month and doesnt want the head ache of worrying about hay and grain. we will provide the feed each horse requires. we will also apply owner provided fly protection and blankets. horses will still be stalled and fed grain 2x daily and hay given when they will be stalled the longest. horses will be turned out in semi private paddocks with no more the 3 horses per field in our biggest fields.
COST: $450.
Stallion Boarding

 Stallion board will be on a case by case basis and ONLY available as we have proper room and if the horse is there for training OR if the owner wishes to receive regular lessons. contact for a price and to set up a time for us to come work with and meet your stallion so see if we would be able to accept them at our facility. the Stallion MUST be well behaved, able to handle being close to mares when they come into heat without trying to break down fences or pull out of the handlers hands. Stallions may be turned out opposite the other horses (meaning they will be outside during the day in the summer, in at night. winter they may be on the same schedule as the others depending on how they act as the mares wont be coming into heat) to minimize the chances of them accidentally getting to a mare boarded with us. Stallions may also be kept in the round pen or arena on the regular schedule if it is not in use. 

COST: starting at $525/month

Individual Paddocks

We can work with owners who wish for their horse be be in a paddock by himself for whatever reason. the owner MUST notify us that this is their preference before committing to boarding with us to ensure this is possible. this is a requirement for stallions or mean mares and geldings. we can also offer a smaller private paddock for injury or other medical lay ups. We also offer stall board, no pasture time for the injured horse or the horse who cant handle much pasture. we will hand graze when we can for that horse.