JBM Training and Lessons

Quality Boarding, Training and Lessons


Basic Training: If you want your horse to just receive regular tune up rides to ensure that they are ready to ride when you are, we are happy to take care of that for you as well! we will work your horse 3x per week in the discipline of your choice. This does not include board

Cost:$200 additional per month you wish to receive it


Full Training Board: Basic training covers most horses. If your horse is changing disciplines, needs to progress in their abilities from a training stand point to exercising the finished horse, all of this falls under Basic Training. We allow you to trailer your horse to us for the training sessions or board with us. If boarded with us we work the horse 5 days per week for an hour per session. Owner will be responsible for providing hay and grain for their stay but all care will be provided by us. 

Cost: Boarding, $600

Trailer in: $30/hour

Intermediate Training Board: Intermediate Training is a bit more intensive in the work that needs to be done. This is for the more stubborn horse or the one having more of a problem accepting the training it needs. This also covers the ground work to prepare horses for a rider and to start most horses under saddle. For these horses we work them 5 to 6 days per week for at least an hour and if they need it they will be worked twice a day for 45 min per session. Also horses being trained to pull a cart or buggy will fall under this category along with halter breaking younger horses, any horse over 2 years that needs halter breaking will fall under the Intensive Training below, basic board included, meaning owner will need to provide hay and grain.

Cost: 30 days $700.00

Intensive Training Board: This package is for the problem horse, the horse that doesnt really want to accept a rider easily, has a known issue with rearing, bucking or bolting, and any horse 3 years and older that needs to be halter broke and begin to be handled daily. this package includes problem solving, and daily work in their weaker areas. This is usually reserved for the more dangerous horses and does include one lesson per week with the owner once it is deemed safe enough to bring the owner in on the physical side of training. This package will include daily sessions either once or twice per day depending on the horse. If twice per day sessions will be 45 minutes long, once per day will be sessions of an hour long. basic board included, meaning owner will need to provide hay and grain.

Cost: $800 per month.


discounts available for horses rescued from auction/slaughter, bad situations or adopted from rescues